tt, a init/rc manager inspired by 66 and s6 suite

benice, a program that applies CPU and I/O policies on processes

xdgpp, C++17 header-only implementation of the XDG Base Directory Specification

Diverse Linux, an opinionated spin of Exherbo Linux

Exheres repository, my repository of Exherbo packages

liveunix, a site collecting unix systems data

TelegramBotsList, a list containg all OpenSource Telegram Bots


Dotfiles, dotfiles and configuration for various programs

Old Projects

PhpBotFramework, a framework for Telegram Bot API written in PHP

Cppgram, a framework for Telegram Bot API written in C++11

MyAddressBookBot, a Telegram Bot to store and browse username contacts

GiveawaysBot, a Telgram Bot to run giveaways

BookmarkerBot, a Telegram Bot to catalogue bookmarks

K-Ink Kraken King, a fast paced shoot’em up