Termish = malloc(255 * size)
Jan 31, 2018
1 minute read

This is the preface for a series of post on terminal apps, called Termish.

But why?

I love staying in the terminal. A lot of things are faster to do and I don’t have to move my hands away from keyboard every now and then.

The problem is: we don’t always have the right tool to use. Plus, a lot of goodies don’t have visibility. We will explore these programs covering a great range of categories, including a usage example for each one.

As an Exherbo user, all the programs discussed will be available, so you can test them out. Also, fellow users will add these packages in Gentoo and Sabotage. I bet that the AUR already have them all.

Please, feel free to comment and propose apps on Mastodon and Reddit, where all the articles will be posted.

In the meanwhile…take this nyancat.